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Only 45 minutes of sailing the Dutch Shallows and you will find yourself in a completely different surrounding…”Ameland”, one of the Frisian Islands. This Island is also rightfully called the diamond of the dutch shallows. Peace and quiet and space and clean air are abundantly on hand.The extraordinary charm of  “Ameland” is due to the natural sphere and the hospitality of its inhabitants. On this beautiful Island you will find:


Onder ‘t Stroodak

(Under the thatched roof)


A spacious and comfortable holiday cottage suited for housing 6 persons. A special place with a clear view at the lighthouse. The beach and the village “Hollum”can be reached by foot.


This stand alone holiday cottage is to let.


Onder ‘t Stroodak” is a picturesque holiday cottage for 6 persons. With its white fronts, thatched roofs and painted panels its a feast for the eyes. The cottage originally was build in the 1930’s of the last century and always was and has been  a holiday cottage. By the end of 2006 the original cottage is entirely been renovated and expanded. Adjustments are made to measure up with todays whishes and expectations but the original radiating soul has been kept.


Onder 't Stroodak - Oranjeweg 36 - Hollum (Ameland) - Stroodak@hetnet.nl